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At CM Law Chambers we turn problems into solutions, Challenges into opportunities, questions into answers and complexity into simplicity


Our goal is to deliver outstanding results to our clients.
It takes more than knowledge of the law to defend a business against a customer’s claim or make that business deal happen. It requires investigative skills and the skill to evaluate facts and assess the client’s risk. CM Law Chambers avails complete package. Our Lawyers have experience defending Big and small corporations and business owners against liability claims, including s, false imprisonment, defamation, fraud, breach of contract and other personal injury and property related claims. Our lawyers carry out thorough investigation of the facts surrounding any claim, assess the strength of the opposing case, and evaluate the credibility of evidence so that we can recommend a course designed to best protect the client’s interests. We take the time to learn the distinctions in the various jurisdictions of our clients business or binding contracts and we offer the best legal analysis tailoring our advice and remedy suit the client interests.


Our practice in litigation is un matched, we take on complex cases from primary courts up to the supreme court and at international courts level however we try as possible to use alternative dispute approaches such as advising our clients to resolve cases before leading to trials in order to have a both win situation but we care most about our clients and we endeavor to give excellence services that are tailored to best suit our clients interest, At CM LAW Chamber’s we win when our clients wins. Being law firm that span to different wide scope jurisdictions in East Africa and the commonwealth, we are aggressive and most reputable Law firm to approach in case you have any case of ligation or any kind of legal assistance.


Where Arbitration is the provision for settling disputes CM Law Chambers has a solid tradition in leading arbitration cases with our clients at heart and emphasis, we offer our best in the field, our lawyer are well trained arbitrators from international best universities and institutions in Europe, America and Africa, through arbitration we also defend the core interests of our clients, we make our clients aware of the highly specialized capabilities available at our disposal to secure client interest and also make them understand every step taken and strategy devolved through arbitration process.


We are a team of certified mediators that wants to ensure parties in a dispute find an amicable solution using an alternative tool of justice “Mediation”. Parties being the ultimate decision makers we assist our clients to get the desired results out of mediations. We bridge gabs, restore trust and business but also we seal deals for our clients through meaningful mediations.


We negotiate big and small matters, we ensure favorable targets for our clients are achieved, along with our client as our collaborator and a friend we prioritize interests our clients through negotiations, and we deploy the best tools and approaches to acquire the highest quality results out of all negations.

Consultancies (Legal and Financial)

We at CM Law Chambers can help your company, business or firm in conducting legal or financial consultancy work. As one of the leading providers of consultation support services to commercial and civil clients, CM Law Chambers brings an array of comprehensive experience and best practices for legal and financial consultancy support that you need, with applied and enhanced support.
We develop and concentrate on strategic activities that drive your business and we will support you by providing the critical information that you require for your business or initiative success. Our experienced team of lawyers and skilled personnel will provide you with competent consultancy support services by highlighting potentially strong report that will better meet your interests. Our team can also provide you with other legal process outsourcing solutions. By associating with us, you can get access to efficient and economical consultancy support services within a fast turnaround time.

Trainings on client area of interest

The training services that we offer are an amalgam of a team of dynamic professionals with years of legal expertise to render economical and top-quality trainings usually within exceptionally short delivery times. Our successful accomplishments of various trainings on local and global matters throughout the years is a reflection of our solid legal and other related professional experience and exposure.
We are a Law firm that has efficiently carried out large-scale and complicated trainings in taxation, Cyber, International trade, oil and gas, Artificial intelligence, financial transaction, cooperate governance, and leadership. We have been successful in carrying out the assigned projects on time and with complete dedication in accomplishing the client’s areas on interest.

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