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At CM Law Chambers we are committed to delivering our clients top level legal services, combined with an excellent industry insight and knowledge of the local market.

CM Law Chambers is corporate generalist Law firm with substantial in-house and outside legal experience. High premium on providing preemptive legal support in English Common Law and Civil law jurisdictions. Focus on intellectual property, contract drafting, Commercial litigation and arbitration and union negotiation, telecommunications, broadcasting and entertainment law.

Our firm provides legal consultancy that includes but may not be limited to provision of the legal advice either verbal, written or by telephone, negotiations of any nature on your behalf, drafting of documents of any nature to be delivered to either public or private offices, companies, enterprises, etc.
Our services may also be extended to labour related issues which may include drafting of the Employees’ contract and negotiating, drafting commercial contracts that do conform to the Rwandan legal system or Other East African legal systems, and any other legal work that may be agreed upon by the parties.


Our firm is composed with three senior lawyers with over 5 years’ experiences who are all distinguished legal practitioners at the time. Uniquely positioned as a pioneering commercial legal practice, we have had a varied and prestigious client base from the very beginning and continue to maintain our position as one of the leading firms in Rwanda.

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